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Here is another facet of the STEM subjects, as a reminder, (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths). Technology has taken off at great speed and a lot of learning is needed to catch up.

The Technology subjects we tutor are Engineering, Design and Technology and very importantly, Computer Science and Computer Coding. We emphasise Computer Science and Coding as it will often be required in implementing the other STEM subjects.

While we teach Design and Technology and Engineering only as H.S.C. subjects, the Computer Science, Coding and Robotics can commence as young as First Class.



We start with Scratch. What a great start. When they learn at this early stage, it develops concentration and the ability to think in an orderly fashion, which enhances learning generally. We progress from there to Python which is a very helpful computer program to learn and provides great possibilities for future success.



As Python is a work program, we issue on completion a certificate which can be produced to show any prospective employer or other interested person what your development is in this computer language.


Recently, we received from, in America, four programs in Computer Science. These programs are very suitable for a new teacher of coding as they are designed to provide a good over view in a shortened time. We also have courses designed for each level at school from K to HSC. We have been associated with in our involvement with the International Hour of Code since it’s inception.


Leggo Robotics

Our program uses Leggo Robotics. This course can elevate you to the front of your class. One of our students led a robotics team from a local primary school against year 9 in a nearby high school and beat them.

This now completes the trilogy of Computer subjects – Science which teaches the development of algorithms amongst other computer science skills, such as Coding and Robotics. These programs are also suitable for adults.

We are in the business of training people for a bright future.

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