Our Founder

Beryl Novice

Our founder, Beryl Novice, has been teaching maths and English for nearly thirty years in the Sydney Inner West. Having studied maths, science and psychology as part of a Science Degree at Sydney University, she has the skills and ability to gain top results for her students. Djuang has been her right hand assistant for eighteen years and together they make a highly skilled educational team. Many of their past students now hold important positions in IT, Medicine, Dentistry, Teaching and other sought after professions.

Mrs. Novice’s psychology studies have also been an asset in her many years involvement in the teaching and development of preschoolers and kindy children in how to read and write. These are skills which if not taught by highly trained people can cause problems later in their schooling. Mrs. Novice’s methods have certainly stood the test of time with outstanding results. We are very selective in our staff, choosing most of them from the top Sydney Universities. Training is continued throughout their employment with us.


After School Tutoring at It's Best!

Did you know that our name indicates our objectives – Achieving To Optimise Potential? In addition, our main aim is to develop in our students the love of learning.

When a student commences, we find out where their level of understanding of a topic is. This is necessary as we believe that ‘what a student takes out of a class, depends on what they bring into it’. In this way they can understand and develop excellent learning powers.

Classes are held in a small group with a total of no more than four students per tutor. The student has his or her own class folder for each subject. The student’s progress and classroom results are recorded in this folder. The tutor is there to make sure the student completes each task set for the lesson and to give help if needed. There is no better way to learn than to ‘do’ it yourself.

Each student has their own individual program designed especially for them. By using other innovative teaching methods such as keeping each student on their just right level of learning and intervening when necessary with targeted learning, we are able to achieve optimum results for all. These methods combine to develop students to their greatest potential. It is when a student feels capable of learning that they find learning enjoyable and that is our main aim as from there much is achievable.

Catering for preschoolers who are preparing for the start of school, getting ready for Opportunity Class, NAPLAN, Selective School or Scholarship exams and eventually the Big One – the H.S.C. are all a part of our daily successes.

A ‘no obligation’ consultation, where we find out what your goals are, and from where we can then put forward a plan to show you how we will get you there, can be arranged. This is a free service.

Class Times


3:30pm – 6:00pm


3:30pm – 6:00pm


3:30pm – 6:00pm


3:30pm – 6:00pm


8:30am – 1:00pm

Our Fees

At this date programs are $180 per month per subject and are due and payable in advance. However, if three months’ fees are paid in advance, a discount of $10 per month per subject is granted. If enrolled in a program but require extra time, such as for an upcoming exam, etc., a cost of $45 per session will be incurred. As the monthly fee is already discounted, any classes totalling less than a month will be charged at $60 per session.

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