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What if the student is not the average, and either needs extra help or is particularly gifted?

On enrolment, we assess the student and then design an individual program for each to follow. This program is closely monitored and we allow them to progress according to their abilities. When progress comes to a ‘sticking point’ we know how to deal with this.

What are the qualifications of your staff?

The mentors are carefully chosen from the top Sydney Universities and do an intern with us for the first three months, so that we can observe their skill handling students of all ages. They assist and assess but do not teach. If a student requires specific tutoring, only the skilled teaching staff are able to handle this. Parents should contact Mrs. Novice or Djuang if there is a problem.

Do they get homework?

Homework is supplied as 10 minutes per day per subject = total 1 hour per week. This work is marked by us, then corrected by the student. If they require help this is given and then noted on their records which remain in their class folder. The English homework is in tandem with the curriculum, which enables us to measure how they are performing in class. Maths and Science homework consolidates the work they have already learnt in class, so they should not require any parental help.

Do you handle Naplan?

Naplan material is given to those in years 3, 5, 7 and 9, during class in the months leading up to the test, which is usually in May.

Do you give regular reports?

We prepare graphs which show the student’s progress. These will be used in conjunction with parent meetings, which are arranged on request by the parents or guardians.

Do you prepare students for OC, Selective Schools or Scholarship tests and the H.S.C.?

Yes, however, to get the best results, we prefer they enrol at least two years before their intended exam. General ability is added at no extra cost to the English program for 4th and 5th class work if interested in Selective School testing.

Do you do any other H.S.C. subjects?

We have very talented staff who are at present attending Universities in Sydney and maybe able to help out with some of the subjects not listed here. We would suggest that you ask Mrs. Novice or Djuang about this.

What are your fees?

At this date programs are $165 per month per subject and are due and payable in advance. However, if three months’ fees are paid in advance, a discount of $10 per month per subject is granted. If enrolled in a program but require extra time, such as for an upcoming exam, etc. , a cost of $45 per session will be incurred. As the monthly fee is already discounted, any classes totalling less than a month will be charged at $60 per session. Contact us for further information on fees and conditions.

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