We have the maths program to turn you into ‘a lover of maths’. For all students and all ages, we cover maths from Kindergarten to Extension H.S.C. Our preparation for those special exams such as O.C., Selective School, Naplan and H.S.C. achieve high results for our students.


This program which lasts for the usual 45 minutes is devoted to half maths and half English. They learn to write numbers, count, do dot cards and basic numeracy and gain an understanding of maths.

Years 1 and 2:

They commence the basic curriculum in class, while homework consists of Singapore Maths. As it is pictorial, it aids self learning. Also, the methodology of problem solving is taught specifically and includes methods applicable to all Primary school maths. This is particularly helpful for those hoping to do O.C., Sel. School and Scholarship exams.

Years 3 and 4:

Curriculum plus Naplan, O.C. tests and problem solving material.

Years 5 and 6:

Curriculum plus Naplan, Selective School test and problem solving material.

Years 7 and 10:

Curriculum plus Naplan material. Homework is consolidation of class work.

Years 11 and 12:

General Maths and all Extension Levels are covered. Homework is consolidation of class work.


Djuang who is in charge of the mathematics department, has been with us for nearly 25 years. His mathematical knowledge, in all levels, especially in the H.S.C. is legendary. Very few can match his ability to propel many a student forward and to banish their problems. We have students who are now doing actuarial studies at university who can thank Djuang for his expertise.

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